Regular Board Meeting Minutes – August 2014

The Village of Birchwood Trustees held the monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Birchwood Village Hall, 101 N. Main Street, Birchwood, WI  54817.  The meeting was called to order by President Gillett.  Roll call:  present; Gillett, Seffinga, Hayes, Zillmer and Small.  Also present: Beffa, Busick, Murley, Ron and Wanda Masek, Ernie Langosch, Dave Rieder

Jim and Joy Kamla, Dan Burch and Chris Thompson.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

*Police Report – Officer Brunclik gave his activity report; 51 calls/follow-ups in the Village and 14 from Edgewater. Bluegill Fest report; they gave out a few warnings, would like to see an emergency operation center for both the Bluegill Fest and Fireman’s Street dance. We need to order proper detour signs, would like to have the port-a-potties by the bank moved to the other side of the street.

*Maintenance Report – Beffa said all the new lift stations are up and running.  The MBBR is running it will take about 90 days to be functional, they will be having training tomorrow.  The leak they found on Euclid had lowered our water consumption by 2/3’s.

*Public Recognition – Ernie Langosch asked if Officer Brunclik could attend the funeral of fallen Police Officer in Minnesota.

New Business

  1. Motion by Zillmer to adjust the agenda moving item #14 to follow #1, and

Item #2 to follow #5, second by Hayes, carried 5-0.

  1. Discussion on purchasing a new lawn mower. They had quotes from Dixon

for a 54” deck for $9,500 or a 60” deck for $10,000 3 yr. warranty.  A Bad

Boy which they rented, 54” deck for $8,900 and a 61” deck for $9,800 3 yr.

warranty, a Toro 54” deck for $9,800 and 61” deck for $10,500 5 yr.

warranty and lastly they used a Country Clipper, Challenger with a 52” deck

for $6,200 which they really liked because it was a bit smaller and easier to

get around some places.  The 60” deck is $8,700.  He also said for $800 they

could fix the steering and have two good mowers for next year.  Discussion

on how to pay for this.  Motion by Hayes, second by Zillmer to have the Clerk

check on financing with Ridgeland Coop and check our budget and we will

purchase next month, carried 5-0.

  1. Motion by Small, second by Gillett to approve payment to MSA for WWTP

for $13,304.90 and $6,264.08, carried 5-0.  Motion by Seffinga, second by

Small to approve payment to MSA for Main Street Accusation for $5,955.92

Carried 5-0.  Motion by Small, second by Gillett to approve payment to Cedar

Corp for Main Street Improvement for $7,704.44, carried 5-0. Motion by

Zillmer, second by Seffinga to approve payment #13 to Staab Construction for

$331,694.00, carried 5-0.

  1. & 5. Motion by Hayes, second by Seffinga to approve the amended relocation

order for Main Street Project and the Nominal Payment Parcel Report, carried

5-0. The change was needed because the area between Gary’s Grocery and

the Post Office is not available for our sitting area.  It will be moved to

between the Food Pantry and the Laundry.

  1. Discussion on zoning change request at 501 Wise Road from R-1 to

C-1 Commercial and conditional use permit for an RV Park.

Bob Hayes wanted to say he wasn’t at the last meeting but listened to the

tape about three times.  He wanted to thank Zillmer for all the work she had

done on this.  First thing Doolittle is not an RV Park and it shouldn’t be

compared or even considered to be the same, people have been having camp

fires since he was a kid.  He wanted Thompson to explain what was meant

when he said would you do this to a grocery store that wants to come into

town.  Chris Thompson spoke for his dad who was not present and said he

thinks it was because of competition should not be a reason to deny.  He

was asked why they wouldn’t turn it back to a mobile home park as we need

low income housing. He said it would cost too much and they felt it was a

light transition to an RV Park.  Hayes wondered why there wasn’t a for sale

sign on the property.  Motion by Seffinga, second by Hayes to disapprove both

requests for zoning and conditional use permit, roll call:  Hayes-yes, Zillmer-

yes, Small-yes and Gillett-no carried 4-1.  Thompson said make them an offer

to purchase the land and develop for housing.  Jim Kamla said as neighbors

they were excited to have a campground as they have like 8 campers/friends

that would stay there.  He says when they are up here they spend money in

town for gas, food and entertainment. He said Dan would make the property

look better than is does now.  Zillmer said if we had housing on that property

we would have families sending the kids to school and it would help our tax

base.  Zillmer wanted it known she has nothing against Dan and she wished

he would have come to the Board earlier to discuss his plans.

  1. Discussion on the name change for the Police Officer position. The Board

had the opinion letter from Attorney Bill Thiel who stated we should designate

our Police Officer as Chief of Police.  The question on the Boards mind and not

answered by Mr. Thiel was how do we do this during the probationary period.

When hiring our Officer he is under a one year probation. Small made the

suggestion we call him an acting Chief of Police.  Zillmer made a motion to

contact Mr. Thiel for the appropriate way to fill the probationary period by

calling him Chief of Police, second by Seffinga, carried 3-2 with Small and

Gillett opposing.

  1. Motion by Small, second by Gillett to approve Operator Licenses for Mary

Manka, Dawn Schultz, and Munmeet Duhela, carried 5-0.

  1. Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to appoint Zillmer to Chair the Connect

Community Program, carried 4-0. Zillmer abstained.  Motion by Small, second by

Gillett to appoint Seffinga to also be on the committee, carried 4-0 Seffinga


  1. Gillett and Busick will compose a letter for the School News Paper thanking

Volunteers for all the help we received before and during the Bluegill Fest.

  1. Motion by Zillmer, second by Hayes to leave the hall rental to the BFCED

the same as last year at $19,500, carried 5-0.

  1. Motion by Zillmer, second by Small to contact Edgewater and Scott

Construction to make arrangement to have Maple Terrace Drive chip sealed

at the same time Edgewater will be having the their part of Maple Terrace

done, carried 5-1

  1. Motion by Zillmer, second by Hayes to donate $100 to the Chamber towards

the Visitor Guide in which they will high light the Village, carried 5-0.

  1. Motion by Zillmer, second by Gillett to approve renewing the Assessor

Contract for a one year term, carried 5-0.

  1. There was discussion on a contract that was presented to the Birchwood

School Board for Police Service from Cedar Lake’s Police Officer.  Gillett

will write a letter to the School Board asking them for a meeting with the

Village and Washburn County Sheriff to address concerns for police protection

at the School.



Committee Reports

BFCESD – Zillmer had run totals from the Ambulance service with the Village having the most calls. They are working on their budgets for Ambulance and

Fire Department.

Future Agenda Items – continuous garage sales, and camping in residential areas

Approval of minutes, New Bills, Payroll and acceptance of Treasurer’s Report.

Motion by Zillmer, second by Seffinga to approve the Minutes, except for the Public Hearing Minutes, new bills and payroll and accept the Treasurer’s Report, carried 5-0.

Correspondence – Clerk read a letter from Keith and Connie Hardie saying they

would like the sidewalk in front of their apartment building replaced next year and request that we include their block when getting bids for the Main Street project sidewalks.  They understand that they are responsible for 50% of the cost of the new sidewalk.

Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to adjourn the meeting, carried 8:45 p.m.



Approve as written September 2, 2014


Vicki Busick – Clerk-Treasurer CMC, CMTW

Questions or Concerns?

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