Plan Committee Meeting Minutes 9-5-19

Plan Commission Meeting
Thursday, September 5th, 2019
6:30pm Birchwood Village Hall

Members present: J Depoister, V Hurckman, D. VanGilder, B Hartl, C Barkley, and D Dostal.


Others present: Rolf Jostad and Charity Knauff

Meeting called to order

Testimony and Evidence Presented:

Ministry of Youth Investment Foundation known as Timber Bay was found in 1970, which started in Minnesota. Currently there are 12 community groups, most in Minnesota and Iowa but there are two in Wisconsin. Charity Knauff started Timber Bay in Birchwood about five years ago. They also have a youth camp; Home away from home, camp that comes home with kids.


What Timber Bay’s model is at Timber Bay we believe the best way to make a positive impact in the lives of youth is through stable, long-term mentoring relationship. They do that through weekly gatherings, outdoor experiences, and mentors. The organization currently has 5 dedicated youth workers committed to personal ongoing membership for young people. Assist in attitude and behavior of young youth through growing faith in Christ and by support staff relationship creating a sense of purpose.


Timber Bay Youth grades 6th-12th approximately 20-30 students, meet at the Senior Center in Birchwood, WI Mondays from 6-8pm are led by Charity Knauff. Known as the Light Keepers for grades 3rd-5th, approximately 10-15 students, meet Tuesdays 5-6:30pm, are led by Sue Jostad. A meal and transportation is provided by volunteers. There are games such as ping pong, air hockey, and foosball in the basement area but feels it is not ideal area for a youth center of 30 kids.


Property considered has 10 acres, ½ usable and other ½ is swamp and conservation zoned. Sample design provided to committee show higher walls for basketball court but would also include a kitchen, bathrooms, storage, and area for other games such as ping pong. Considered this location for larger outdoor area designed for bonfire and camping and is more secluded. Timber Bay would be responsible for outdoor lighting and road for safe access to facility. Potentially purchase from Tom Knapmiller to build the road as coming from the highway is not ideal for child safety reasons.


Additional use of facility could be rented for community use through Timber Bay, student study time, split high school and middle school kids into different times, alumni for 18-25 year old, and other new programming. The building will give the experience of a place of belonging, acceptance, and hope to further that.


Zoning Administrator feels there would be enough area to allow rainwater shed per DNR requirement as wet land has natural drainage.


Administrative review to be determined by state statues.

Application for Conditional Use Permit:


Timber Bay wants to purchase property and build a youth center. Condition Use Permit for 907 E Highway 48, Birchwood, WI is needed for community centers not conducted for profit in a R1 Single Family Residential zoned area. Application was submitted August 15, 2019 and paid $300 filing fee to the Village of Birchwood. Proposed plans to Village Board of Trustees on August 8th, 2019.


Order and Determination:


Based on finding of fact, the Committee does conclude that the application for conditional use permit does qualify under the criteria of Sec. 28-515 of the Village of Birchwood Zoning Ordinance. On the basis of findings of fact, conclusion of law, and the record in this matter, the Committee orders the request for conditional use is granted in part subject to the approval by the full Village Board of Trustees and the approval of the Public Hearing.


Roll Call Vote: V. Hurckman, D. VanGilder, C. Barkley, B. Hartl, J. Depoister, D. Dostal, carried 5-0.


Motion to adjourn Hurckman, seconded by VanGilder.


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