Parks Committee Meeting Minutes May 20, 2019 10am

The Parks Committee Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019. The meeting was called to order. Members Present: Small, Greife, Fee, Strand, Hayes – present. Others Present: Linda Zillmer, Jim Koenig.


Public Recognition – Jim Koenig, a new seasonal camper at Doolittle Park described his deck stating that nothing is permanent, and everything is removable and that it will be removed at the end of the season.  He also stated that a pad was put in to accommodate his trailer at his own cost.


New Business

  1. Fee/Strand stated that they have been bringing in fill to make the pads for some of the sites. Grief stated that this is necessary because of the slope of some sites.  Strand suggested contacting the DNR to inquire if some sites could be shaved down for better accommodating larger trailers.  Hayes stated that the DNR would not allow that and most campgrounds do not have sites adjacent to the shoreline
  2. Linda Zillmer stated that she was glad the big tree was gone from the baseball field. Linda went on to talk about Doolittle Park and how it started out as a campground that accommodated tents and small campers.  It was always intended to be a park for citizens enjoyment and use.  Linda inquired why homeowners must abide by setbacks but trailers at Doolittle are not.  Linda does not feel that bringing in fill to accommodate larger trailers is not a good idea.
  3. The committee discussed the rules and regulations for Doolittle Park.
  4. Greife presented some of his recommendations for Doolittle Park.
  5. The committee, as well as citizens present, discussed many options for regulations regarding decks, docks, and site modifications and emphasizing that no site holder should make any modifications that impede other’s sites or their ability to use/enjoy their site. Fee suggested that we might consider not allowing park model campers or setting a maximum size requirement for campers.  Bob Hayes and Linda Zillmer both suggested having a meeting for the public’s input regarding all of the parks within the Village of Birchwood.  Motion by Small, second by Strand to see how this year goes and to hold meetings in August/September that set clear and specific guidelines for the 2020 camping season for Doolittle Park. Motion carried.
  6. The committee and citizens also discussed docks/dock sizes at Doolittle Park and if private docks should be allowed at all. Lifts were also discussed.  The committee members agreed that lifts have never been allowed at Doolittle Park.  Koenig stated that he plans to install a lift for his pontoon later in the week.  Members of the committee urged him to wait until it could be brought to the Village Board.
  7. Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Heleyna Kasten, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer


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