October 13, 2020 Board of Trustee Public Hearing Minutes

Public Hearing was held by the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees on 

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020, 5:00 pm, at

Birchwood School Commons, 300 Wilson Ave, Birchwood, WI 54817


Roll Call by Chairperson-Meeting will be recorded Present: R. VanGilder, J. Depoister, S. Small, M. Manning

Also Present: L. Zillmer, S. Dulian, E. Langosch, B. Longacre, T. Niccum, D. Marcon, K. Cupp, J Masen, A. Holman, B. Gordon, L. Longacre, C. Thompson, D.Nelson

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments: L. Zillmer: Linda stated she would like to hear the Plan Commission recommendation. Requested the applicant to speak first to go over the reason/plan for the requests being discussed tonight.

S. Dulian: States the plan is to change the old mobile home site to an RV park. The plan, depending on state sewer permits, is to have 25-35 RV sites. Meeting with engineer for a plan for a water retention pond. There is minimal impact on the neighbors. Traffic will not be affected. UTV/ATV travel has already been established. For the storm shelter, it will be in the -area of the existing house on the property. It will meet state specs. The park will comply with all Village ordinances as well.

L. Zillmer: Voiced concerns regarding what conditions the Plan Commission is recommending for the Park, such as hours of -operations, months of operations, waterlines, and a storm shelter.

E. Langosch: He believes the basement of Village Hall was always the designated spot for the community for the shelter. His dad was the last to get business to come into town such as the Senior Center, Impact Seven, the ambulance, etc. 

B. Longacre: Asked about the firepits. Will there be individual pits or just one? 

T. Niccum: He is in support of the park. The property is currently an eye sore for the community.

D. Marcon: States the Village needs the business to draw young people into town. He has seen things get shot down from these hearings. The Village needs this business. He is in support of the RV park. We need things to improve this town and need to make progress in this town. 

K. Cupp: In support of the RV. States places are full and we need more businesses to support the tourists.

Action/Discussion Items:

Depoister addressed questions about the Plan Commission’s recommendation to approve both requests to be sent to the Board. There was a motion and a second for both requests at the August 19,2020- 6:00 pm Plan Commission meeting. Both carried 5-0. There was no one at this meeting that had any objections to the Park.

Depoister read letters the Village received in support of the RV Park from the following: Brian and JoAnn Mertens,Sheila Clark, Julie Olmstead, Gary’s Grocery, Joan Kuula, Mark Nuzum, Mary Manka, Steve Jensen, Jason Market, Sharon Jensen, Jeff Kruger, Ryan Peters, Mike Lakken, Dave Engel, MaryHelen Drew.

  1. Zoning Applicant

Motion by VanGilder, seconded by Small to accept/approve sending the Zoning change request from Residential to Commercial District by Applicant: Benson Thompson Representative in the following Location: Plat #1 Lot 25 OL I CSM#1962 V 8 P 123 V 310 P 403tRST V 323 P 641 QC EXC CSM #1962 V 8 P 123 Mobile Home Park -to the Board. Motion carried 4-0

  1. Conditional Use Application

Motion by Small, seconded by VanGilder to approve sending the request for the Recreational Vehicle Park in Commercial District by Applicant: Benson Thompson Representative at the following Location: Plat #1 Lot 25 OL I CSM#1962 V 8 P 123 V 310 P 403tRST V 323 P 641 QC EXC CSM #1962 V 8 P 123 Mobile Home Park- to the Board. Motion carried 4-0

  1. Adjournment: Motion by Small, seconded by Manning to adjourn. Motion carried 4-0

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.