Monthly Board of Trustee Meeting (Remotely Meeting via Zoom)

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees will be held on

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020, at 6:00 pm

Meeting remotely through Zoom due to COVID-19.


Join Zoom Meeting ID: 955 2875 6312


Or by Phone: (312) 626 6799




Village President call meeting to order – meeting will be recorded

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call by Clerk

Verification of public notice by Clerk


Police Report

Public Works Report

Committee Reports

  • Streets/Utility Committee
  • Park Committee

Citizen Comments (Limit 3 minutes per person and there will be no action taken)



Agenda Items (no public comment allowed):

  1. Discuss/action on current Agenda
  2. Discuss/action on February 11th, 2020 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
  3. Discuss/action on Disaster Proclamation
  4. Discuss/action on Adopting the Washburn County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update (Resolution #198-20).
  5. Discuss/action on seasonal refuse refund (Jay Hatcher and Jeff Elms)
  6. Discuss/action on Doolittle security deposit refund.
  7. Discuss/action on utility payment arrangement and late fees due COVID-19
  8. Discuss/action on reducing alcohol beverage licensing fees in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.
  9. Discuss/action on T.M. Title Service special assessment completion error
  10. Discuss/action on new ball field maintenance worker
  11. Discuss/action on DJ contract for Doolittle Beach Bash
  12. Discuss/action on new computer(s) for clerk/treasurer and/or deputy clerk/treasurer
  13. Discuss/action on operator licenses for Jordyn Ford and Emma Hindes
  14. Discuss/action on Doolittle Park sales tax included in rates
  15. Discuss/action on Ken-Way Services
  16. Discuss/action on 2020 Committees
  17. Approval of Bills, Payroll and acceptance of Treasurer’s Reports for the 1st quarter of 2020.
  18. Closed Session (pursuant to 19.85(1)© and 19.85 (1)(b) WI statues which, if discussed publicly, would likely have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person(s) referred to in such data)
  19. Open Session on matters discussed in closed session
  20. Adjournment


Ashley Beffa – Clerk/Treasurer

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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