Meeting Minutes – October 2016


The Village of Birchwood Trustees held the monthly board meeting on Tuesday October 18th, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Birchwood Village Hall. Roll Call: Hurckman, Seffinga, Small and VanGilder – Present; Depoister – Absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Police Report – Chief of Police Adam Brunclik provided copies of his monthly activity report for September. He has been busy with the recent house fire; gave a cyber security talk` at the school; keeping busy with regular programs and traffic concerns.

Maintenance Report – Ronald Strand reporting Doolittle Park is closed and ready for the winter. Working on landscaping around the Village. Hoping to continue work on culverts. Cutting brush in preparation for plowing. Getting ready to flush hydrants and lift stations pumped out. Hoping to get old signs changed out and all signs at correct height by end of 2017.

Public Comment – Linda Zillmer; agenda item #9 regarding Wisconsin Economic Development-Connect Communities membership renewal. Thinks there is a lot of value in this program and would be a shame if we dropped our membership. Ron Knapmiller; wanted to clarify his suggestion that the Village could connect to existing water line near the mill, and allow Dollar General to have a holding tank as a stop-gap to allow time to raise money for larger water expansion project. Linda Zillmer responding; Thinks it is irresponsible for the Village to consider this project since we have not finished our audit for 2015 or finalized our budget for 2016.

New Business

  1. Motion to approve the agenda by Hurckman, second by Seffinga, carried 4-0.
  2. Motion to approve minutes from September board meeting by Seffinga, second by Small, carried 4-0.
  3. The board heard from Julie Sunderland regarding the alleyway to the football field but needs more specific information before action can be taken, item tabled.
  4. Motion by Small to provisionally approve the Lions Club pavilion but wants to see official plans before the project starts, second by Seffinga, carried 4-0.
  5. Motion by Small to allow the art students to repaint the Birchwood sign with the provision that they make a presentation to the board with their intended design, second by Hurckman, carried 4-0.



  1. The board heard an update on the Sonny Hayes ballpark and the improvements that are being made. Looking at possible shed purchase. Board requested multiple quotes and information on funding if they are asking the board to contribute. No action taken.
  2. The Board heard information from Teresa regarding final recommendations on the water/sewer recommendations from Knapmiller through Lapoint and Maple Terrace. Teresa also presented funding possibilities to cover the cost of the project. No action taken.
  3. Motion by Small to adopt the Washburn County All Hazards Mitigation Plan amendment, second by VanGilder, carried 4-0.
  4. Motion by Small to renew Connect Communities membership, second by Seffinga, carried 4-0.
  5. Board members were presented with new official emails and instructions on how to set up and access them. This is to be more compliant with open records laws. Board members also received information sheets on open records law.
  6. Motion by Seffinga to accept the BFCESD 2017 Budget, second by Hurckman, carried 4-0.
  7. Motion by Seffinga to approve extra election officials, second by VanGilder, carried 4-0.
  8. Motion by Small to approve operator’s license for Samantha Standaert, second by Seffinga, carried 4-0.

Motion by Seffinga, second by Hurckman to approve new bills, payroll and the treasurer’s report, carried 4-0.

Correspondence from Betsey Acrey was presented to the board regarding off-site signage she has been noticing around the Village. Board has requested Tucker and Ron remove all signs they notice as they are in violation of Village Ordinances.  Zoning, Chapter 28 Article 9, section 28-931(c) requires permit for portable signs; section 28-931(d) off-premise signs are permitted subject to restrictions 28-931(f) and must be removed by 9 pm each day, with respect to the business operating hours.


Submitted by Chelsea Tompkins, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

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