May 11, 2020 Street Committee Minutes – Approved

Village of Birchwood Streets and Utility Committee 

 Monday May 11th, 2020 at 6 pm 

at the Birchwood School Commons, 

300 Wilson Ave, Birchwood, WI 54817.


Meeting called to order at 6:03 p.m.

Roll Call-Attendees:  John Depoister, Rocky Van Gider, Ron Strand, Tucker Fee, School Building Committee- Diane Johnson, Robert Robotka, Don Birdsill Jr., Mike Paul, Jeff Stanley, Others- Linda Zillmer, Bob Hayes, Todd Schieffer (school guest).


  1. Discussed Balsam street repairs with School Board Building Committee.  Went over bids from Bull Dozin; Monarch. Neecd to redo bids to breakout what the school will pay for and what the Village is responsible for. Mike Paul suggested that the Village & School work together to save on costs.

Linda Zillmer: appreciates school and village working together.  Brought up WI bidding process and thinks we need to hire an engineering firm to help out and put together a bid package.  Todd S. said he believed that the school has different bidding requirements than the Village.  He also said most excavating companies do their own engineering.  Decided to have School Committee attend the Village Board meeting via Zoo to further discuss this issue.  Todd S gave Ron options to contact for excavating and blacktopping.

  1. Discussed flushing hydrants and getting broken ones fixed. Talked about pumps switching automatically when generator runs.  Discussed replacing heater fan in well house.  Let our guys know since we charge to hook up deduct meter we need to hook them up and disconnect them.  The loader had a bent shroud and is now fixed.  
  1. Discussed fixing water shutoff at Condo Association.  They bent it and they are planning on digging in that area so we will replace it at their costs.
  1. Discussed putting in a culvert where the alley was between the apartments and the Porch.  Since we never really abandoned the alley President Depoister recommends using the culvert we have and split the cost of digging it in with the Joe and Wes.  Take to board.
  1. Discussed time off approval with Tucker and Ron.  Turn in time off sheets early instead of getting them after the fact.  
  2. Discuss storm sediment pond testing. Talked about testing the storm water sediment point.  Bring to Board to approve S & H to test at a cost of $2500.
  1. Discussed chemicals for sewer with Tucker to make sur ewe have an outlet for chemicals. Getting from Perlicks for free. Tucker will check with Fire Dept for hose.
  1. Discussed Randy Morfoot driveway permit. Looking at 2 driveways.  One on Maple Terrace and one on Knapmiller.  Need to find water shutoff first.  Ask Board to approve once shutoff is found.  Bob Hayes suggested using a 12” culvert per out driveway permit.

Motion to adjourn by John Depoister, second by Rocky at 7:05 p.m.


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