June 11, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The Village of Birchwood Trustees held the June meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The meeting was called to order by Village President. John Depoister.  Roll Call: Depoister, Seffinga, VanGilder, Hurckman, and Small- present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Police Report – The Chief was absent.


Maintenance Report – Ron reports road patching is complete.  Lawn mowing is going well however suggested looking into a new mower for next year. He has fixed the hydraulic and tighten up the gear box but notices it’s going through quite a bit of oil. Brown returned mower but due to the front wheel is locked up it is being looked at by a mechanic. Issues with water due to power loss are still being worked on and is being operated manually. Hurckman would like Tucker to determine if Xcel should be held accountable for any cost due to power outages. Bluegill Fest Organization in contact with him regarding street closings.

Public Comment –


Linda Zillmer, complimented Ron Strand and Tucker Fee on keeping things running through power outages. Attended parks committee meeting and recommended looking at village ordinances and enforcement.


New Business

  • Motion by Hurckamn, second by Seffinga to approve agenda, carried 5-0.
  • Motion by Hurckman, second by VanGilder to approve minutes from May 7th, 2019 Board Meeting, carried 5-0.
  • Action on Operators Licenses, Cigarette/Tobacco Licenses, Temporary Class “B” Retailer’s License, and Renewal Alcohol Beverage License for July 2019-June 2020, motion by Hurckman, second by Small, carried 5-0 as follows:
  1. To approve Operators Licenses for Melissa Wittmer, Francis Jr Hayes, Paul Parkos, Eve Sobotka, Nathan Wittmer, Rhonda Schultz, Carrie, Schnacky, Nancy Seffinga, Jodene Skar, Robert Hayes, Zach Stuhr, Audrey Zimmer, Matt Springer, Jacqueline Robarge, Greg Hayes, Kayla Wood, Lisa Parkos, Gurjit Duhela, Claudia Lapcinski, Gloria Widiker, Kimberly Lane, Lisa Clark, Leslie Clarke, Julie Olmstead, Catherine Widiker, Pamela Landes, Valerie Schultz, Heleyna Kasten, Jennifer Garrett, Casey Rurup, Nichole Amborn, Shane Jacobsen, Gabriel Combs, Paige Davis, Timber Wolf, Stacy Rurup, Lisa Bratvold, Aleasha Brown, Mark Jefson, Kitty Jefson, Mackenzie Strohm, Alisha Salinas, Amber Riedell, Paris Amundson, Alexis Streit, Stacie Small, Sarah Mullen, Betsey Acrey.
  2. To approve Cigarette/Tobacco Licenses for Ed’s Pit Stop, Gary’s Grocery, and Jason’s Market.
  3. To approve Temporary Class “B” Retailer’s License for Lions Club 2019 Bluegill Festival July 19-21 for Rest Park and Ball Diamond.
  4. To approve Alcohol Licenses Class A Beer for Birchwood Ed’s Pit Stop, Gary’s Grocery, and Jason’s Market; Class B Beer for Café, Bear Tracks Bar & Grill, Bluegill Bar and Paul’s Pizza Den; Class C Beer for Birchwood Café; Class A Liquor for Ed’s Pit Stop, Gary’s Grocery, and Jason’s Market; Class B Liquor for Bear Tracks Bar & Grill, Bluegill Bar, and Paul’s Pizza Den.
  • Motion by Vangilder, second by Depoister to approve Special Event Permit, Block Party/Street Closing for 2019 Bluegill Festival July 18-July 21, carried 5-0.
  • Action on hiring new assessment services by Nordquist Appraisal or Owen Assessing; motion by Hurckman, second by Seffinga, hiring Owen Assessing carried 5-0.
  • Motion to send letters to owners of reported property nuisance and property cleanup, carried 5-0.
  • Jim Koenig shared photos and timeline for construction of deck built on Doolittle Park site 33. No official complaints received from neighboring campers. Parks Committee working with DNR on lift that was not permitted by Parks Committee. Ordinances to be reviewed and enforced. Advised major changes to be made to next year park contract.
  • Motion to contact property owner of 906 Maple Terrace, regarding filed complaint and potential violation of village ordinance, carried 5-0.
  • Motion to approve Open Records Request from American Transparency, carried 3-2.
  • Action to sign DNR Compliance Maintenance Resolution #196-19; motion by Small, second by Seffinga carried 5-0.
  • BFCESD meeting Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 6:30pm. Streets Committee meeting to be held Friday June 21st, 2019 at 2pm. Ordinance meeting to be held Wednesday, July 10th, 2019.
  • Motion by Small, second by Hurckman to approve new bills, payroll and accept Treasurer’s Report., carried 5-0.
  • Motion by Seffinga, seconded by Small to adjourn meeting, carried 5-0.


Submitted Ashley Beffa, Clerk/Treasurer

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