January 21, 2020 Borad of Trustee Minutes – Approved


Village President call meeting to order – meeting will be recorded

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call by Clerk: VanGilder, Seffinga, Depoister, and Small – present. Hurckman – absent. 

Verification of public notice by Clerk: Posted Village Hall, Gary’s Grocery, Post Office, and website. 

Police Report by Adam Brunclik: Edgwater Township search warrant. Silver campaign. Year end reports.  

Maintenance Department Report: Moved to #8. 

Citizen Comments (Limit 3 minutes per person and there will be no action taken)

  • L. Zillmer: Caucus notice was posted on website, but vacancies were not.  Vacancies was posted at Post Office. Objected how caucus date was set. Not challenging this. BFCESD Town of Cedar Lake is not making January payment until acceptable of bylaws by commission. 2nd half 2020 assessment be waived for members. 

Discussion/Action Items:

  1. Motion by Small to approve the current agenda with moving closed session, and maintenance to 8 and 9, second by Seffinga. Open session moves with closed session, Depoister. 
  2. VanGilder approves December 10th, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes, second by Depoister. Carried 4-0.
  3. New Business

a.)  Teresa from MSA presented USDA-RD SEARCH grant for a 2nd Municipal Well. 1st step is to do a well site investigation to determine were a second well could go. Funding that portion of the project, USDA SEARCH grant can help with this expense. Lisa Paulson, regional specialist, confirmed Birchwood is an eligible candidate for $30,000 grant and $5,000 match by village which gets the village through the well site investigation such as verify the need and where to go. It would be approved by DNR. The grant covers the plan specification like preliminary steps however construction not covered; permanent funding CDBG grant safe drinking water or long term RD loan for long-term financing. MSA proposed fee of $2000 get through application with rural development. Rolling application, rolling deadline however they only have 3 applications a year where they don’t have to go through the national office, two have been claim currently, so urgent to get ours in. Motion by Depoister, second by VanGilder. Carried 4-0.

b.)  Diane Johnson, Birchwood School District superintendent presented information on referendum. Donny Birdsill, Mike Paul, Becca Hrdlicka, and Jeff Stanley also present from the school. On April 7th, 2020 the school board question will appear on the ballot; if vote “yes” then voting you support it and if vote “no” then you are voting you do not support the referendum. Provided printout of power point explaining why and what it’s for. (Copy may be found on village website.)

b.)  Motion by Small, second by Depoister to approve Trickle Credit Applications for Becky Darkow, Rustic Café, and Mike Stodola, Carried 4-0.

  1. Committee Reports 
  • Street Committee to meet August 28th, 2020.
  • Park Committee
  • Ordinance Committee
  1. Motion by VanGilder, seconded by Seffinga to approve New Bills, Payroll and acceptance of Treasurer’s Report for December. Carried 4-0.
  2. Maintenance Report: Tucker to determine new product for bugs as we are on the last container. Complaints on last helper when plowing.  Looking at other options for help during vacations, etc.  Ice skate rink is open.  Maintenance is going well. Street committee to discuss loader and tractor. Requesting 3” for asphalt to hold up bigger trucks. 3 bids required for LRIP; spoke with Washburn County. Retention pond no cost for permit but must have one sample. 
  3. Correspondence: Complaints on abandonment of their well. Due to mandated by DNR nothing village can do at this time. 
  4. Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to go into closed session (pursuant to 19.85(1)© and 19.85 (1)(b) WI statues which, if discussed publicly, would likely have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person(s) referred to in such data). Roll call: VanGilder, Seffinga, Depoister, Small – present. Hurckman – vacant. 
  5. Motion by Small, second by VanGilder to return to open session. No action taken – need to check some facts on insurance & budget costs before next meeting.  
  6. Motion to adjourn by Small, second by Seffinga to adjourn. Carried 4-0.

Ashley Beffa – Clerk/Treasurer


Questions or Concerns?

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