January 14, 2021 Monthly Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees held on January 14th, at 6:30 p.m.
at the Birchwood Village Hall, 101 N. Main Street, Birchwood, WI 54817.

Rick Oswalt-Town of Birchwood-Present, Ken Leners-Town of Cedar Lake- Present, Timothy Stearns-Town of Doyle- Absent, Pete Baribeau-Town of Edgewater- Present,
Mick Givens-Town of Long Lake- Present, Cindy Fairchild-Town of Wilson- Present, John Depoister-Village of Birchwood- Present

Discussion/Action Items:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Roll Call-See above.
  3. Ken Leners made a motion to approve December 10, 2020 Zoom Meeting Minutes, 2nd by John Depoister, carried 6-0
  4. Public Input. Linda Zimmer concerns on Ambulance pay raise and tracking. Also about talk of the purchase of new ambulance.
  5. Fire Department Report-see attached reports.
  6. Ambulance Service Report-see attached reports
  7. Determine signers for BFCESD banking and credit accounts due to change of officer.
    Cindy Fairchild made a motion to appoint Tim Stearns as the appointed commissioner to be the Authorized Officer on the BFCESD checking accounts and credit card, 2nd by Pete Baribeau
    TOB—yea      TOD—absent      TOLL– yea
    TOCL— yea      TOE– yea      TOW– yea      VOB– yea
  8. Mick Givens made a motion to accept the 9 month notice of withdrawal from the BFCESD Ambulance Service dated November 19, 2020 from the Town of Edgewater, 2nd by Ken Leners, Carried 6-0
  9. John Depoister made a motion to approve to authorize Vince Fairchild to negotiate a price on the 2017 Braun Ford 4×4 F450 Ambulance of up to $148,000.00, 2nd by Cindy Fairchild, Carried 6-0
    TOB—yea      TOD—Absent      TOLL– yea      VOB– yea
    TOCL— yea      TOE– yea      TOW– yea
  10. No action was taken on the purchase of a new computer to be used by the
    BFCESD President. We will accept the donation of a computer from Tim Stearns.
  11. Discussion was made and Cindy will ask the accountant on Review 2020
    financials and 2015 Fund Balance Policy. This will be added to Feb 2021 agenda.
  12. Pete Baribeau made a motion to reject the invoice from Cedar Lake for Storage of Fire Truck and Trailer, 2nd by Rick Oswalt. Carried 5 yea- 1 nay
  13. Building Committee report. Looking at Gargulak property if it would work, there is more parking there. There are 2 property’s there on is owned by Steve Gargulak and the other is in the Gargulak Trust. Rough estimate with grading, raising existing shop and gravel $75,000-$100,000 compared to the existing property at $400,000 to develop. Shop was assessed @ $102,600 for 2.45 acres. The trust property .9 acres assessed @ $14,400. Not sure what the fair market value would be that we need to contact a realtor or assessor. Vince contacted Steve and said he’d be willing to sell if the price was right. Bill’s estimate is that the property Steve owns may be worth in the $150,000 range. The cost Bill put together to develop both properties would be in the range of $200,000- $250,000 to develop.
  14. Open discussion regarding building project and direction going forward. Mick mentioned questions regarding the BFCESD ability to purchase property without it going thru each entities annual meetings for approval and what would we do with the existing property. And that each are still interested in going forward with the plans of building. Pete wants to move forward and look at the Gargulak property, it is a better location’s, it’ll cost less than the current property to develop and it is worth bringing that to the boards to approve. We need to bring it to each Town/Village board to approve selling the current one and buying a new one. John Depoister will talk to a realtor to see if he can get a value on the Euclid property and a fair market value on the Gargulak property. Ken mentioned his expectation would be that the purchase of the new property should be in contingent on the sale of the Euclid property. Bill was going to walk the property with Ken G and Vince F to see if there would be issues with the building fitting. Bill will be setting up a time for the Building Committee to meet before the Feb 11th BFCESD meeting.
  15. Update on promissory notes for the building project—Not acted on
  16. Items to review at future meeting is Fund Balance Policy and we’ll wait to hear from Brandon regarding his suggestions.
  17. John Depoister made a motion to Approve the donations that were received since the last meeting of $4,730.00 from Memorials for Jon Sleik and $100 building fund donation total of $4,830.00, 2nd by Pete Baribeau, carried 6-0 Mick mentioned that we need to collect the pledges that have been committed and collect any donations at the time we talk to people. Unanimous consent that going forward that anyone doing fundraising to collect at the time rather than getting commitments. Consider appointing a Fundraising Committee. Mick Givens nominated Pete Baribeau to chair the Fundraising Committee along with Ken George, John Depoister and Cindy Fairchild. Rick Oswalt made a motion to the appointment of Pete Baribeau as Chair along with John Depoister, Cindy Fairchild and Ken George as members of the Fund Raising Committee, 2nd by Ken Leners, carried 6-0 Ken Leners offered to solicit among his township residence.
  18. John Depoister made a motion to approve the Bookkeepers report, 2nd by Mick Givens, carried 6-0 Mick Givens made a motion to approve invoices for payment to include Eft payment and Checks #7603-7621, 2nd by Ken Leners, carried 6-0
  19. Review Correspondence.
  20. Commissioners Input.
    Town of Birchwood—Rick Oswalt-won’t be at the next meeting
    Town of Cedar Lake—Ken Leners- Mike Kesling new resident will be the new commissioner for the Town of Cedar Lake on April 8th meeting.
    Town of Doyle—Tim Stearns–absent
    Town of Edgewater—Pete Baribeau–nothing
    Town of Long Lake—Mick Givens-Thank You
    Town of Wilson—Cindy Fairchild–Nothing
    Village of Birchwood—John Depoister–Nothing
  21. Cindy Fairchild made a motion to Adjourn @ 9:05 p.m., 2nd by John Depoister, carried 6-0

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