Final September 2017 Board Minutes

The Village of Birchwood Trustees held the monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at the Birchwood Village Hall. The meeting was called to order by Village President, Virginia Hurckman.  Roll Call: Depoister, Hurckman, Seffinga, VanGilder – Present, Small – Absent.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Police Report – Chief of Police Adam Brunclik reported provided handout with the police activity log and included a map of places he has been.  The Drive Sober campaign is to help with getting a grant.  There has been a lot of traffic, both vehicle and ATV.  He participated in training in Eau Claire.  Working with Chelsea to finish a Naloxone Policy (naloxone is a rescue drug for opiod overdose).  Adam has resolved a number of court cases, assisted the State Patrol, and has been busy with Edgewater.


Maintenance Report – Ron Strand reports that most of the culverts are done; he needs to use the backhoe at Thomas Marine.  They have experienced problems with equipment and have had to make many repairs.  The Doolittle Park beach will be closed the week of September 25, pulling the buoys, raft, etc.  They feel the department is caught up with tasks.

Virginia asks that stop signs be placed at the corners of Vance and Balsam to slow the traffic coming off of Park Ave.

Public Comment – Public Comment – Theresa from MSA was here to ask if the Village about processing the ITA and PERF forms.  (agreement signed)


New Business

  1. Motion by Hurckman, second by VanGilder to approve agenda as stated with change “setting date for Budget Workshop on September 26, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.” carried 4-0.
  2. Motion by Depoister, second by VanGilder to approve the minutes from August 8th board meeting as-is, carried 4-0.
  3. Motion by Hurckman, second by Seffinga to sign Resolution #182-17 for the CMAR.
  4. Jim Schmitz presented the board with a letter of intent to repair the home at 322. S. Main St. and an estimate from S&S Construction for work and estimated cost. He will have the roof and windows repaired, removing damaged interior walls, flooring and carpeting no later than October 26, 2017.  During the winter months, new insulation and wall boards will be installed.  Interior remodeling, pressure washing the outside, and repainting will be completed by summer 2018.  Jim will submit an update of progress no later than December 12, 2017 Board Meeting.
  5. A follow-up letter will be sent to property owners of 406 W. Balsam.
  6. Submission of updated Village Emergency Operation Plan with all signatures.
  7. Motion by Seffinga, second by VanGilder to approve operator permits for T. Wescott, D. Carrion, J. Kincaid, and M. Manka, carried 4-0.
  8. Motion by Depoister, second by Seffinga to go into closed session pursuant to 19.85(1)(c) and 19.85(1)(b), carried 4-0.
  9. Motion by Hurckman, second by Seffinga to return to open session, carried 4-0.


Motion by Seffinga, second by Depoister to approve new bills, payroll, and acceptance of the treasurer’s report, carried 4-0.


Motion by Seffinga, second by VanGilder to adjourn the meeting, carried 4-0.


Submitted by Kathy Paquette, Clerk-Treasurer

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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