December 22, 2020 Board of Trustee Special Meeting Minutes – Approved

A Special Meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees 

will be held on Tuesday, December 22th, 2020, at 6:00 pm

Location: Birchwood School Commons, 300 S Wilson St, Birchwood, WI 54817


Village President call meeting to order – Meeting will be recorded 

Pledge of Allegiance – Roll call by Clerk (R. Vangilder, P. Parkos, J. Depoister, and M. Manning) S. Small was not present at time of rollcall.

Public Notice: Posted at the Birchwood Post Office, Village Hall, Gary’s Grocery and Village Website.

John reviewed where Public Notice Agenda was posted at the Birchwood Post Office, Gray’s Grocery, Village Hall and the Village Website.

Police Report: None for this meeting

Public Works: None for this meeting

Citizen Comments: None were received

Correspondence: None for this meeting

Discussion/Action Items (No public comments allowed):

  1. Current agenda
    1. December 22nd, 2020 Agenda (Revised) Rocky Vangilder moved to approve the agenda, Mark Manning second. Motion carried 4/0.
  2. Second Amendment to Solid Waste Disposal Agreement (Revised) Romack from Republic Services was in attendance. 
    1. Removal of commercial services from contract. Extended residential contract for 7 years, Price increase will be held at 3% annually instead of the proposed 4%. A30-yard dumpster for Bluegill Festival was determined to be too large. John requested a 15 for the festival and an 8 for the ballfield. Romack was to discuss with John from Republic Services what dumpsters would be provided and what cost differences exist. Mark Manning questioned if the for the last 2 years of the contract there would not be a raise in cost for service. Romack stated that it would be 3% throughout the balance of the contract. John Depoister stated that upon signing the 2nd amendment the 1st amendment would be null and void. Ashley Beffa corrected the statement and said that some of the verbiage in the 1st amendment still stands. In the 1st contract seasonal was 3 months. And was changed to 5 months in the 1st amendment and that still stands with the 2nd amendment. John asked for input from board members on the 2nd amendment. Paul Parkos was in favor of it. Mark Manning was not. Mark expressed that he felt that the board should pursue further bids on the service. Rocky Vangilder stated that the board made a mistake and are rectifying it. Mark Manning agreed that going from 4% to 3% was a savings but did not agree to the 7-year contract without further bids on the service. Rocky Vangilder made a motion to approve and sign the contract for 7 years, John Depoister seconded the motion. John than requested if there was any further discussion. No further discussion.  Motion was carried 3/1 Mark Manning opposing.


  1. Municipal Insurance
    1. 2021 quotes: 
      1. Spectrum Insurance Group
      2. Horton Insurance

Nathan Pezewski form Horton Insurance was present. No representative from Spectrum Insurance was present.

 John Depoister asked if any board members had questions. Rocky Vangilder stated that the services seemed to be the same. Also, that Spectrum did not really service us. That on their current policy there were things on there that the village no longer had. Mark Manning questioned if Spectrum Insurance was invited to the meetings. Ashly Beffa stated that yes, they were invited, however, they only sent the insurance quote that was presented to the board. They were also informed that we had another quote. They did not return calls and did not ask if we had any changes or concerns. However, Nathan from Horton Insurance also discussed cyber security with Ashley a subject that Spectrum did not approach. Given the current government cyber-attacks this was something that should be discussed and covered. The Horton policy also presents a $2000 savings to the Village in Insurance costs. John Depoister stated that there would be an adjustment with the Horton policy as the Village just updated the inventory with a change in the tractor/loader. There will be a slight increase. But we will still save on costs. Ashley Beffa stated that the deductibles between the companies were the same.  John Depoister asked board members if they had the opportunity to review. Rocky Vangilder stated it was a good comparison, Mark Manning agreed. John Depoister asked if there were any questions. No questions for Nathan from Horton Insurance.  

Paul Parkos made a motion to sign the Horton Insurance proposal, Mark Manning second.  John asked all in favor to changing from Spectrum to Horton insurance. Nathan from Horton interjected and wanted the board to know that the workman’s comp would take affect on December 31st and the rest of the insurance would start January 1st, 2021. John Depoister again made a motion to change from Spectrum Insurance to Horton Insurance.  Motion carried 4/0.

  1. Adjournment

Rocky Vangilder made motion to adjourn meeting, Mark Manning seconded. Motion carried 4/0

No Closed Session.  

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.