December 10th, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees was held on

Tuesday, December 10th, 6:00 pm.

at the Birchwood Village Hall, 101 N. Main Street, Birchwood, WI  54817.


Meeting Minutes


Village President call meeting to order – Meeting recorded

Pledge of Allegiance – Recited

Roll call by Clerk – Vangilder, Seffinga, Depoister, Small, Hurckman, present

Verification of public notice by Clerk – Posted December 6th at Gary’s Grocery, Postal Office, Village Hall, and Village website.


Discussion/Action Items:

  1. Motion made by Seffinga, Vangilder seconded to the approval of current Agenda (December 10th, 2019) with removal of item 8e(i). Carried 5-0.
  2. Motion made by Small, Seffinga seconded to the approval of November 19th, 2019 Budget Hearing Meeting Minutes. Carried 5-0.
  3. Motion made by Hurckman, seconded by Small to the approval of November 19th, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes. Carried 5-0.
  4. Citizen Comments (Limit 3 minutes per person and there will be no action taken)

Linda Zillmer: Comments on 7(a) County Road D, fells local government should open       local roads. Schedule increases on fee schedule is unclear. Received three tax bill, each        with flyer on new fire facility. On cyber Monday, town of Edgewater sent 6 tax bills all in in       one with appropriate postage and newsletter including dog license and the free           vaccination clinics.  How are dog prices justified; providing more service or adequate       service.

  1. Police Report – Vacant
  2. Maintenance Department Report

Tucker fee reports Lead/Copper reading come back under the limit in the past 2 quarters  which will results in less sampling next year. Bad news – Special sample results showed     nitrogen/organic nitrogen was extremely high, which we have a limit on and if on the back         end of plant we have an issue. Also has a light debris in it.  Recycling it back is an option.          Kay from Rural Water suggest going through someone else. Tucker is in the process of         looking for other vial fluid, companies in Twin Cities and Iowa. Will continue with what we     have for now. Kenway can come out and clean once per year; cost to pump $2990.             Spring or mid-summer possible to do a land apply by farmer. Suggested Brad Scott as     his land is potentially zoned for that. Hurckman suggest on Village’s 11 acres. Tucker           states we would need a permit but is a possibility. Tucker to check with Kenway. Cost for permit is maybe cheap. Otherwise maintenance department is doing lots of snow    plowing.

  1. Outstanding Business

a.) Motion by Vangilder, Seffinga seconded the approval of opening County Road D to     ATV/UTV Access from Hinman Dr to Hwy 48. Carried 5-0.

b.) Motion by Hurckman, Seffinga seconded to go with Indeed agency rather than            approve Manpower. Carried 5-0.

  1. New Business

a.)  Presentation by MSA on SEARCH grant for a new well. USDA Rural Development     is a federal grant. Grants are free money and loans you pay back. Grant covers small            financial distressed communities; could be used for significant infrastructure.  Process           from planning stage down to plan specification of a test well. Upfront, MSA would do the     grant application, then could be reimbursed under SEARCH grant, SEARCH grant funds    up to $30,000. Birchwood is a good community as it’s small and in rural area.  Grants are   not always guaranteed. Rural development loans are typically 40-year loans and CDBG             could potentially match.  Suggests meeting with Lisa Paulson and then move forward       with grant application. There is no application deadline.

b.) Motion by Small, Vandilger second to approve Class B Beer, Class B Liquor License   for Mary Manka, trade name Blue Gill Bar, for period of December 30th, 2019 through        June 30, 2020. Carried 5-0.

c.) Motion by Hurckman, Depoister seconded to approve Chelsea Lyn Design contract for            Web Hosting & Maintenance and Domain Renewal. Carried 5-0.

d.)  Motion by Hurckman, Vangilder seconded to approve the listed Election Inspectors     and Chief Election Inspectors. Carried 3-0. Seffinga and Small sustained their vote.

h.)  Approval of revised ordinances

i.)   Garage Sales ordinance tabled.

ii.)  Motion by Seffinga, Hurckman seconded the approval of changes to animal license fees, penalties, and renewal date. Carried 5-0.

e.)  Approval of Resolutions

i.)   No.197-20 – Budget Increase in Wages – Removed from agenda

ii.)  Motion made by Seffinga, Vangilder seconded to approve fee schedule                                  changes for building permits per Daryl Dostals contract, animal license fees,                                garbage rates, and special assessment.  Carried 5-0.

  1. Motion by Hurckman, Seffinga seconded to go into closed session (pursuant to 19.85(1)© and 19.85 (1)(b) WI statues which, if discussed publicly, would likely have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person(s) referred to in such data) .
  2. Motion made by Small, Depoister seconded to go back into open session and approve clerical help at $10 per hour as discussed in closed session. Carried 5-0.
  3. Committee Reports
  • Street Committee
  • Park Committee
  • Ordinance Committee
  1. Motion by Hurckman, Seffinga seconded the approval of New Bills, Payroll and acceptance of Treasurer’s Report for November and December. Carried 5-0.





Ashley Beffa – Clerk/Treasurer

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.