Board of Trustees April 2017 Minutes

The Village of Birchwood Trustees held the monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday April 11th, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Birchwood Village Hall. Roll Call: Depoister, Hurckman, Seffinga, Small, – Present, VanGilder – absent.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Police Report – Chief of Police Adam Brunclik has been kept busy with drug and mental health investigations. The cross-walk signs and a laser speed reader have been delivered and will be placed soon.

Maintenance Report – Tucker Fee reports that Ron has been busy with signage.  All should be up and at the right height.  We have been working on fixing many small issues.  The street sweeper is ready to use when weather permits.  Tucker has rolled all fields; football and baseball.  He will be moving into Doolittle to complete the rolling there.  A few electrical issues, but they are repaired.  Generator is working well.  John Deere tractor is maintained and can be used for our well house.

Public Comment

New Business

  1. Hurckman requests that agenda item #9 be moved to #4 because the school is not present at this time.
  2. Motion by Depoister, second by Seffinga to approve the minutes from March 14 board meeting, carried 4-0.
  3. Motion by Depoister, second by Seffinga to approve MSA Professional Services Agreement for $3000 for TIF Services Act 257, Hurckman – yes, Small – yes, Depoister – yes, Seffinga – yes; carried 4-0.
  4. Stacy Anderson-Kolodzinski and children made a presentation for the school to raise 4 or 5 chickens during the 2017-18 school year. They will have coop at the community garden. Motion by Seffinga, second by Small to approve the children to raise 4-5 chickens during the 2017-18 school year; carried 4-0.
  5. Brad Bratvold requesting to schedule a parks committee meeting so he can request funds for a storage shed at the baseball field; re-discuss on May agenda.
  6. Tucker presented to the board Ron’s suggestions that the yield sign on Balsam be removed, that we add ‘no parking’ signs on Wilson, and that we remove the crosswalk sign at the Charter School; no action taken.
  7. Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to indefinitely postpone the request to allow 4-wheelers on Hinman Drive; carried 4-0.
  8. Move the discussion on the painting or replacement of the Bluegill sign to the May agenda.
  1. Hurckman informed the board that the fire department is discussing the purchase of a piece of property in the Village and it is on their agenda this month. No action was taken.
  2. Board discussed sending letters to a few property owners within the Village limits whose properties are in disrepair. Discussion to give 14-day notice to take action and/or respond. Adam will be sending more generalize letters to others in town regarding less serious cleanup requests; no action taken.
  3. Dispute from the Village Condo Association was presented to the Board; no action taken.
  4. Motion by Hurckman, second by Small to give the trickle credit to those residents who called the Village Hall in January to inform us they would be running the trickle, carried 4-0.
  5. Motion by Small, second by Depoister to approve Operator’s License for Lisa Parkos, Rhonda Schultz, Carolyn Leu, Audrey Zimmer, Hannah Zimmer, Melissa Robotka, Jodene Skar, Greg Hayes, Shannon Gindt, Angela Marinello, Marcia Borgen, Betsey Acrey, Sarah Mullen, Eden Nelson, Paris Rose, Emily Peterson, Kathy Paquette, Samantha Standaert, Stacy Rurup, Helyna Benjamin, Jennifer Garrett, Tammie Miller, Casey Rurup, Mary Stoeklen, and Dakota Tober; carried 4-0
  6. Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to approve Ed’s Pit Stop Cigarette & Tobacco License; carried 4-0.
  7. .
  8. Motion by Depoister, second by Hurckman to go into “closed session” pursuant to WI Statutes 19.85 (1) (c) to consider employment, promotion, compensation, evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Roll call: Seffinga-yes, Depoister-yes, Small-yes, and Hurckman; VanGilder-not present. Also in closed session is Clerk-Treasurer Paquette, carried 4-0.
  9. Motion by Seffinga, second by Depoister to come out of ‘closed session”, carried 4-0.


Motion by Small, second by Hurckman to approve new bills, payroll, and acceptance of the treasurer’s report, carried 4-0.

Motion by Small, second by Seffinga to adjourn the meeting, carried 4-0.

Submitted by Kathy Paquette, Clerk-Treasurer

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