BFCESD Meeting Minutes – April 2017


BFCESD PO Box 417, Birchwood, WI 54817


Romaine Quinn-Town of Birchwood-Present, Jon Sleik-Town of Cedar Lake-Present, Timothy Stearns-Town of Doyle-Present, Dean Buresh-Town of Edgewater-Present, Leroy Sandridge-Town of Long Lake-Present,

Cindy Fairchild-Town of Wilson-Present, Virginia Hurckman-Village of Birchwood-Present


Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District held its monthly meeting on Thursday April 13, 2017 at the Cedar Lake Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. The Town Hall is located at 2696 Main St, Mikana, WI 54857.


Minutes of the meeting

Called to order 6:30p

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Introduction of Dean Buresh
  3. Roll Call-above
  4. Minutes for March 2017-Virginia Hurckman made a motion to accept previous months minutes, 2nd by Romaine Quinn, LeRoy Sandridge-abstained, Tim Stearns-abstained, Dean Buresh-abstained, motion carried
  5. Public Input-Linda Zillmer is asking the commissioners to table items 8 & 9 until May when the new board members are here.
  6. Fire Department Report, replacing of fire equipment in Cedar Lake Fire Hall-Attached reports, used SCBA pacs are being looked at for a fraction of the price.
  7. Ambulance Service Report, Enbridge grant request-Attached reports, Bumper is applying for the Enbridge Grant
  8. Approve redirecting $57,000 from the Ambulance Building/Equipment Capital Account to the purchase of 3.3 acres for a new fire hall.-Tim Stearns made a motion to move $57,000.00 from the Ambulance Capital Account and redirect it to purchase the land for the new fire hall, 2nd by Romaine Quinn., motion carried 6-0-1-Dean Buresh Abstained.
  9. Approve the purchase of the land for new fire hall for $57,000.Jon Sleik made a motion to purchase the land for the new fire hall, 2nd by Tim Stearns carried 6-0-1 Abstained-Dean Buresh
  10. Building/Equipment Committee report- Bumper said talking to Chris about the building site he feels the location is good building site for the new fire dept.
  11. Approve donations received-$830.00 in donations was received bringing the total to date $17,275.00. Romaine Quinn made a motion to accept donations, 2nd by Cindy Fairchild, carried.
  12. Bookkeepers report-Attached
  13. Review Correspondence-Letter from the State regarding FAP grants
  14. Commissioners Input-LeRoy would like to thank everyone for everything they have done. Tim Stearns would like to Thank LeRoy and Jon for all their work. Romain Quinn would like to thank both LeRoy and Jon and said they kept him coming.  Dean Buresh said he has Jon’s Cell and emailJ.  Jon said it has been a great time since the District was formed. It has been terrific to see all the dedicated firefighters and EMT’s that unselfishly give to the community. Kudos to the leadership given by Ken and Bumper.
  15. Correspondence & Bills-Tim Steans made a motion to approve the bills, 2nd by Virginia Hurckman, carried
  16. Adjourn-LeRoy Sandridge made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Jon Sleik, carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:39.


The Cedar Lake Town Hall is handicap accessible. If you have special needs regarding attendance please call 715 354 3003.


A quorum of board members from each municipality may be present. No actions will be taken by any participating governmental body other than those stated in this notice.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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