BCABLA September 25, 2017 meeting

Facilitator: Participants:

Dave Blumer, LEAPS


BCABLA: Mark Robinson, Bob Reynolds

Birch Lake: Jay Hatcher

Birchwood-Town of: Romaine Quinn Birchwood-Village of: John Depoister Edgewater-Town of: Bill Zimmer

Fred Thomas Resort: Julie Thomas-Telitz

Maple Terrace Resort: Jim DelMedico

Red Cedar River Partnership: Gerry Johnson

WDNR: Alex Smith



Big Chetac and Birch Lakes Association Stakeholders Committee Meeting

A G E N D A – S e p t e m b e r   2 0 1 7

Public Meeting Comments and Concerns (60 minutes) Call to  Order/Roll Call (5 min)


Date : Sept. 25 20 17

Time : 1:00 -2 :00pm Public Meeting Disc ussion

2:00 -4 :00p m

Stakeho ld ers Committ ee


Plac e: Birchwood Senio r Center

110 Euclid Av e Birc hwood , WI


Review of  Previous Minutes (5 min)

August Stakeholders Minutes August Public Meeting Minutes

Facilitators Update (10 min)

Fishing Success Survey

Participant Update/Comments/Concerns  (15 min)

Stakeholder Group Reps Updates  –  Contact w/constituents

Discussions (60 min)

Goals and Objectives Fishery

Water Quality

Aquatic Plants/Invasive Species Lake Use


Next Meeting (25 min)

Public Presentation of Draft Plan Saturday, October 28, 2017 Afternoon or evening?

Birchwood Commons Agenda

Public Notice

  • Newspapers, email blitz, postcard mailing, local social media Next Stakeholders Committee Meeting (Nov-Dec)



Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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