August 4,2020 Board of Trustee Minutes – Approved

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees held on 

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, at 6:00 pm, Birchwood Village Hall, 101 N Main St, Birchwood, WI 54817.

Village Board Members: J. Depoister, R. VanGilder, N. Seffinga, M. Manning, and S. Small

Minutes (Masks Required)

Village President call meeting to order – Meeting will be recorded

Pledge of Allegiance 

Roll call by Clerk: Present: J. Depoister, M. Manning, R. VanGilder, S. Small. Absent: N. Seffinga.

Also present: S. Hendrickson, L. Zillmer, Teresa/MSA

Verification of Public Notice: Posted at Village Hall, Gary’s Grocery, and Post Office. Posted on Website

Police Report by Adam: Traffic has been busy so far this summer. Click It or Ticket campaign has been submitted ,so hopefully he’ll receive grant again. Need to budget $1100.00 more for Records Management vendor next year due to increase in cost. Even with the increase this is still the cheaper option for us.

Public Works Report by Tucker: Ron is on vacation this week. LRIP street repair project started this week. A manhole cover was accidentally broken during roadwork but will be repaired.  Storm dugout all the way to the culvert and it looks good. Sewer plant is running better. We are using chemical from Perlick’s that seems to be working well.  It needs an extra sugar source, so Tucker is trying 10 lbs of regular sugar to see if that helps it go down faster. He will report back with the results. Tucker is working on getting numbers to stay flat. He will check to see if buying from restaurant supplier would be cheaper for sugar. Stacie will check on cost through Sysco. Blower is back and installed and working good right now. Sending out valve box next week and Tucker will run it down to Eau Claire to reduce shipping costs.

– Committee Reports: 

            Planning: Minutes are done. Acted on Certified Survey maps at the last meeting. Steve Dulian –Needs Commercial zoning; Conditional Use application has been filled out.  Senior Living building, Ken is just looking at options, no rush.

          – Streets: Company wants to buy part of right of way. They will need to get property appraised and surveyed at their cost. Our attorney is reviewing their proposal.  LRIP project has started. Brian Danielson is changing paperwork to move to 2016 LRIP, so we can still get our money. We are looking at Cedar Avenue to be our 2020 LRIP project. Retention pond is cleaned. We are looking at options to help with our signs being stolen. We’ve had complaints regarding ditch brushing. We will continue to do cut if it impedes vision. We are working on changing Weed ordinance to change it from 12 inches to 8 inches. A copy will be sent out next year to residents to inform them of this change. Speed limit concerns/solutions may include using rubber speed bumps near the ballfield and other problem spots. We are looking into putting in a culvert to correct a problem spot by South Main. Brush dumping near the retention pond by residents will be addressed by sending letter to residents advising them not to do this. Our dumpsters are being used by random people. We are going to look into putting in a gate with a remote to keep the area closed at all times. This will help assure our equipment stays safe as well. CMAR: Repairs need to be done in a timely manner. Our goal is to get our grades back up. We will be working on budget items with department heads. Personnel: Departments should work together.  The Village President should be contacted for any questions/concerns regarding how the Village handles matters.

         – Ordinance: None: Meeting date to follow.

          -Parks: End of the year meeting will probably be held in September.

Citizen Comments – Limit 3 minutes per person

  • L Zillmer is concerned that there is no ATV sign up on Holly Hill Ln. Voiced concern about BFCESD by-laws changes. 

Correspondence: This was brought up at Streets meeting. Resident concerned that Main Street isn’t     marked well.  We are looking into getting a sign.

Discussion/Action Items (No public comments allowed),

  1. Current agenda-Motion by VanGilder, seconded by Depoister to approve August 4th Agenda. Motion carried. 4-0
  2. Meeting Minutes Approval- Motion by Depoister, seconded by Manning to approve the following minutes. Motion carried 4-0.
    1. May 19th, 2020 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
    2. July 14th, 2020 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
    3. June 25th, 2020 Special Meeting-Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
  3. Wisconsin Municipal and Related Records-Regarding filing system, records retention, and standard set of operating procedures for records. Motion by Depoister, seconded by VanGilder to adopt the WI Municipal General Records Schedule. Motion Carried 4-0.
  4. Tennis Court-Discussion regarding surface repair needed. Tucker will have Monarch look at the cracks/issues and give suggestions and options for repair. 
  5. LP Prebuy Contract 2020/2021-Motion by Small, seconded by VanGilder to approve purchase of 5800 gallons @ .94 for a total of $5452.00 from Quality. Motion carried 4-0.
  6. Application for Operator’s License. Motion by Small, seconded by VanGilder to approve License for Logan Saldana. Motion carried 4-0.    
  7. Proposal to change from current audit firm to Two Rivers Accounting. Tabled until next month.  We will pull the old contract and compare.   
  8. Sewer Plant gate installation. Tabled until next month. 
  9. Discussion regarding culvert on South Main Street. Estimate from Bradley Trasseth is $1500.00 to install new culvert and pack.  We would need to supply the culvert. We will check with Peterson for another bid. Tabled until next month.
  10. Financials-Motion by Small, seconded by Depoister to approve Bills, Payroll and acceptance of Treasurer’s Reports for July 2020. Motion carried 4-0
  11. Closed Session: None
    1. Pursuant to 19.85(1)© and 19.85 (1)(b) WI statues which, if discussed publicly, would likely have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person(s) referred to in such data 
  12. Open Session: N/A- No Closed Session 
    1. Matters discussed in closed session
  13. Adjournment: Motion by Small, seconded by Manning to adjourn. Motion carried 4-0

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Village Hall with comments, questions, and/or concerns and we will be happy to help.