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Village of Birchwood Well-Abandonment

June 24, 2019

Village of Birchwood Well-Abandonment The village must have documentation for all permitted or closed wells.  The DNR requirement is to verify there is no cross contamination happening that may compromise the water system. Your options are: 1.)  If you are using your well specifically for watering your lawn or garden, it is just a matter…


June 13, 2019

BIRCHWOOD FOUR CORNERS EMERGENCY SERVICES DISTRICT BFCESD PO Box 417, Birchwood, WI 54817 COMMISSIONERS Romaine Quinn-Town of Birchwood, Jon Sleik-Town of Cedar Lake, Timothy Stearns-Town of Doyle, Dean Buresh-Town of Edgewater, Mick Givens-Town of Long Lake, Cindy Fairchild-Town of Wilson, John Depoister-Village of Birchwood PUBLIC NOTICE Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District will hold its…

Parks Committee Meeting Minutes May 20, 2019 10am

June 11, 2019

The Parks Committee Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019. The meeting was called to order. Members Present: Small, Greife, Fee, Strand, Hayes – present. Others Present: Linda Zillmer, Jim Koenig.   Public Recognition – Jim Koenig, a new seasonal camper at Doolittle Park described his deck stating that nothing is permanent, and everything is removable…


June 11, 2019

BOARD MEETING AGENDA The Regular Monthly meeting of the Village of Birchwood Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday June 11th, 6:00 p.m. at the Birchwood Village Hall 101 N. Main Street, Birchwood, WI  54817   ­AGENDA Call Meeting to Order – Roll call – Pledge of Allegiance Police Report – Maintenance Dept. Report…

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